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Parts Washer Detergent for JRI, Proceco, StingRay, Better Engineering, and MART Parts Washers
Power Kleen Detergent for StingRay, JRI, Proceco, Better Engineering, and MART Parts Washers
  • LOWER your parts cleaning detergent USAGE
  • LOWER your cleaning chemical DISPOSAL cost
  • 100% ACTIVE Concentrated parts cleaning chemical
  • Built-in Parts Cleaning RUST INHIBITOR & DEFOAMANT

6 Reasons to Use Power Kleen in your Aqueous Part Washer

Power-Kleen's Industrial Washer detergents and chemicals for aqueous parts cleaning are specially formulated for use in Proceco Jet Spray Washers / JRI Parts Washers / MART Aqueous Power Washers / Better Engineering Jet Spray Washers / Renegade Parts Washers and StingRay Industrial Parts Washers to provide the highest degree of efficient and effective aqueous part cleaning. Power Kleen aqueous detergents are "Foam Controlled " with specially designed defoamers that float on the washer solution surface to prevent foaming. Power-Kleen aqueous cleaning detergents are safe for a wide variety of common part materials. Power-Kleen detergents have built-in rust inhibitors to protect your aqueous washer cabinet from corrosion. A Power Kleen rust inhibitor is designed for short-term rust and corrosion prevention and can be metered in to your aqueous washer rinse water to protect your cleaned iron and steel components from flash rust.

Power-Kleen chemicals have 100% concentrated active ingredients. Power Kleen detergents remain active longer because they contain NO fillers. Many chemical suppliers "fill" their detergents and chemicals with non-active low cost ingredients that do nothing except add volume in the chemical drum. These fillers end up as sludge in the bottom of your aqueous part washer and must be disposed of, thus adding to your disposal costs. With Power-Kleen you get fully active parts washing detergents so that 100% of the chemical works on your industrial cleaning application. As a result, your parts cleaning costs are less and your disposal costs are less.

Our Technical Services staff is trained and has many years of experience in hundreds of industrial parts cleaning applications using aqueous detergents and chemicals similar to yours. We can help you select the the best Power-Kleen detergent for your specific aqueous part cleaning application. We specialize in providing solutions to your aqueous parts cleaning problems and achieving the best possible result for your industrial cleaning tasks. Talk to us about your parts cleaning chemical and detergent needs:

Use the chart below to select a cleaning detergent or chemical for your cleaning application:

Parts Washer Detergent Concentration Calculator  

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Parts Washer Detergent Concentration Calculator  

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