Parts Washer Chemicals - Specification Sheets - Power Kleen CR Additive

Power Kleen CR
Carbon Removal Additive for Parts Washer Detergents
Detergent Booster for All Power Kleen Chemicals

Power-Kleen CR

Power-Kleen CR Carbon Remover Additive
  • Booster Formulated with surfactants for removal of tough carbon, grease, and soils

  • Non-VOC by CARB definition per ASTM D1298

  • Designed with ingredients that are biodegradable and low toxicity to protect your workers and be green to the environment

  • Excellent for cleaning in industrial equipment rebuilds

  • Designed to improve cleaning at temperatures above 160°

  • Contains no silicone to interfere with new coatings or paint


Power-Kleen CR is designed for use with any of the Power-Kleen Detergents:

  • Washing light soils                         1 to 3% by volume of reservoir capacity

  • Washing heavier soils                   4 to 6% by volume of reservoir capacity

  • Useable temperature range 160° - 190º. Higher temperatures increase effectiveness


Form:                            Liquid                                              VOC:                    None (CARB definition- ASTM D1298)
Color:                            Hazy                                                Flash Point         >200 deg.F
pH (as is)                     10-11                                              Boiling Point      >200 deg F
Storage Stability         Excellent, keep from freezing


For MART Power Washers: Heat the water to at least 160ºF. Open and secure the Power Washer door. Carefully and slowly pour ½ to 8 oz of detergent per gallon of water over the door frame and through the expanded metal internal reservoir cover in the washer. Close the washer door and start the pump to mix the detergent.
For all other cleaning equipment: Add chemical carefully and as instructed by the machine manufacturer. Avoid “dumping” of chemical directly into washer reservoir. Violent exothermic (heat released) reactions, splashing of heated chemical solutions and the premature release of fumes may occur. If chemical must be added to the solution, slowly pour chemical into solution while continuously mixing.


Avoid contact with chemical and solution. Avoid inhaling fumes. Instructions can also be found on the Power-Kleen CR label, MART Tech Services Website or reference the MART Power Washer Operating Manual.Get the most recent SDS or call MART Tech Services.


Part Number

  Package Size


1 gallon


5 gallon


55 gallon



SHIPPING: Ships UPS or Truck, Next day Available

Power-Kleen Tiration Test Guide Power-Kleen CR Technical Data Sheet

Carbon Removal Additive

Power Kleen CR Printer Version PDF

Power-Kleen Tiration Test Guide Power-Kleen CR SDS


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