Parts Washer Chemical MSDS

Power Kleen Chemical Safety Data Sheets

New Global Harmonized Standard SDS are available on request. The formulations of the Power Kleen detergents have not changed for years but the new GHS are so misleading that unless you are familiar with them they are easily misinterpreted. 

As a service to our normal users who are trying to get valuable info we are keeping the previous version of the MSDS available on-line for reference as they do provide applicable safety warnings and health hazards. OSHA required SDS are shipped with every chemical shipment and are available on request.

The OLD Material Safety Data Sheets for Power Kleen detergents, parts washer chemicals and Magic dust are listed below:

Power-Kleen I Iron & Steel Parts Cleaner MSDS
Power-Kleen IL Iron & Steel Parts Cleaner MSDS
Power-Kleen II Aluminum Safe Parts Cleaner MSDS
Power-Kleen IIIL Electric & Aerospace High Rinse Parts Cleaner MSDS
Power-Kleen IV Aircraft Aluminum and Wheels Cleaner MSDS
Power-Kleen V pH Controlled and Low Foaming MSDS
Power-Kleen CR Carbon Removal Additive MSDS
Power-Kleen Defoamer A MSDS
Power-Kleen Defoamer S MSDS
Power-Kleen CI Corrosion MSDS
Power-Kleen RI Rust Inhibitor MSDS
Power-Kleen Rust Buster MSDS
Power-Kleen Titration Acid MSDS
Power-Kleen Titration Phenolphthalein Indicator MSDS

Magic Dust - 52517 MSDS
Magic Dust - 52528 MSDS
Magic Dust - 53567 MSDS
Magic Dust - All Others MSDS
Magic Dust - 51983 MSDS
Magic Dust - 52518 MSDS
Magic Dust - 52707/53566 MSDS
Magic Dust - 54651 MSDS
EQ-1 Final Polishing Resin MSDS

CURRENT SDS are only available by request

The hazards reported in the New Global SDS are listed as though the individual chemical components are at a 100% concentration regardless of the actual concentration in the mixture. The result is that a compound with only 2% NaOH has the same hazard warnings as one with 100% NaOH. This results in severe warnings for relatively mild compound mixtures like PK IIIL. In our opinion the warnings are therefore misleading, cause misinterpretation and are not useful in evaluating the actual hazards associated with a compound mixture.

As another example: one of our chemical mixtures contains a substance that is flammable in a 100% concentrated form. In the chemical mixture we sell, the flammable component is less than 5% of the compound. The compound does not ignite even when direct flame is applied to it (we tried this in our shop) and yet the SDS states ”HAZARD EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE”.

As a result to make the Hazard information useable we are only posting the last version of the MSDS for each chemical mixture. The old MSDS have the hazards listed as one would expect for a compounded mixture. If you need the current SDS we are happy to send it to you, please just ask.


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