Chemical Concentration Calculator for         
  Parts Washer Detergent       
  Detergent Concentration Calculator for Fresh New Solution  
  Enter Your Total Parts Washer Reservoir Gallons in BLUE box    
  Change Recommended Initial Detergent concentration if you wish.  
  Change Recommended to Desired Detergent concentration if you wish.  
  Read total amount of chemical to add in YELLOW column.    
  Reservoir Gallons Powder Pounds Liquid    Gallons   Powder Percent     Liquid   Percent  
  Detergent Concentration Calculator for Make-up or Sweetening  
  Enter your Current Measured Concentration in the BlueBox.    
  Change Desired Detergent concentration if you wish.    
  Find the amount of  Detergent to ADD in the YELLOW Column.    
  Reservoir size in Gallons          
        Oz/gallon   ADD ADD  
  Current Concentration from Titration Test   Powder Liquid   
  Desired Detergent Concentration   Pounds Gallons  
  Detergent Addition Required      
  If you do not know the volume of your Parts Washer reservoir you may estimate the size from the table below.    
  Standard StingRay / MART Parts Washer Volumes in Gallons    
  Parts Washer  Model Single Pump Washer Dual or Duplex Pump Sludge Scraper ADD    
  SR3040 / SR3055 / Cyclone 30  130 85    
  SR4040 / SR4063 / Tornado 40 180 110    
  SR5248 / SR5275 / Tornado 52 265 150    
  SR6048 / SR6075 / Tornado 60 350 190    
  SR60112 / Hurricane 60 350 190    
  SR7266 / Tornado 72 550 240    
  SR7273 / Hurricane 72 580 260        
  SR8473 / Hurricane 84 740 330    
  SR10073 / Hurricane 100 920 400    


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