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Steel, Iron, Rubber, and Plastic



Power-Kleen V is a 100% active concentrated cleaner designed specifically for high pressure & high temperature spray washing of Aluminum, Iron, Steel and all Multi-metals. The powerful cleaning action becomes more effective at higher temperatures. It is safe for use on all metals, rubber or plastics requiring no extra steps for most applications.  Power Kleen V is best used in cleaning applications where excellent cleaning with a pH controlled chemical is required. Quickly removes baked on carbon, mill oils, heavy greases, synthetic lubricants and other soils commonly encountered in a manufacturing and maintenance.

Power-Kleen V Soap Before Cleaning

Power Kleen V Soap After Cleaning




Power Kleen V Detergent Before Cleaning

Power Kleen V Detergent After Cleaning














  • Deep Cleaning detergent for oil, grease, lubricants, and other soils on ferrous or non-ferrous metals.

  • 100% Active Concentrated chemical with no fillers

  • Formulated with rust inhibitors to protect your washer & unrinsed parts even at a lower pH.

  • Low foaming with built-in defoamant and formulated to maintain effectiveness in hard water.  

  • An Alkaline spray washing detergent with a controlled pH of 10 to 11.5 meets most plant safety requirements.

  • No Silicone that could interfere with paint or coatings.


Power-Kleen V is designed for use at low concentrations:

  • Washing light soils/High Rinsing   3.5 oz/gal to 5.0 oz/gal

  • Washing heavier soils                   5.0 oz/gal to 8.0 oz/gal

  • Useable temperature range 140° - 210º. Higher temperatures increase effectiveness.


Form................................................................Liquid         pH range of Working Solution..................10.5-11
Color (concentrate) ...........................Light Amber         pH of concentrate....................................Below 12


For MART Power Washers: Heat the water to at least 160ºF. Open and secure the Power Washer door. Carefully and slowly pour ½ to 8 oz of detergent per gallon of water over the door frame and through the expanded metal internal reservoir cover in the washer. Close the washer door and start the pump to mix the detergent.
For all other cleaning equipment: Add chemical carefully and as instructed by the machine manufacturer. Avoid “dumping” of chemical directly into washer reservoir. Violent exothermic (heat released) reactions, splashing of heated chemical solutions and the premature release of fumes may occur. If chemical must be added to the solution, slowly pour chemical into solution while continuously mixing.


Avoid contact with chemical and solution. Avoid inhaling fumes. Wear eye protection and gloves when handling chemicals. Instructions can also be found on the Power-Kleen V label, MART Tech Services Website or reference the MART Power Washer Operating Manual.
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5 gallon Pail


55 gallon Drum

Shipping: UPS, LTL Freight Carrier

Power Kleen V Low pH Detergent     Power-Kleen V Technical Data Sheet


Power-Kleen V Tiration Test Guide

Power-Kleen Titration Test Guide

Power Kleen V Chemical Concentration Calculator

Recommended initial Chemical Charge for Power Washer


Chemical Concentration Calculator


Power-Kleen V Carbon and Synthetic Grease Detergent

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