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Titration Instructions for Parts Washer PowerKleen Detergent

Power Kleen Detergent TestingPerform this test to determine the concentration of parts washer chemical by titrating the alkalinity of the solution with an indicator and a drop count. The results determine the number of ounces of chemical to add per gallon of water-capacity in your parts washer reservoir.
This test, which consists of an “indicator” and a “titrant” (acid), shows the concentration of POWER-KLEEN  in solution. Caution: Wear eye protection and gloves during test.

Take a sample of the parts washer solution from below the surface.  Avoid collecting oil in the sample.

Allow the solution to cool to room temperature.


For accuracy:Power Kleen Solution Testing

Filter the cooled solution through a coffee filter to remove impurities and make it clear enough to see the color change.Use clean test tools.  Always clean the test tube before each test.

Pour the appropriate amount of washer solution (as listed in the chart below) into marked Test Tube.

If the solution is murky, add another 12.5 ml of clean water for clarification. Swirl the test tube to mix the solution thoroughly.

Note: Hold the acid & indicator bottles vertically when adding drops to ensure consistent droplet size.



Parts Washer Titration



    Add 5 droplets of the Phenolphthalein Indicator.The sample solution will turn pink. Again, swirl the test tube to mix the solution thoroughly.





    Parts Washer Soap Testing



     Add the acid (verify the percent for your Power Kleen Detergent in the chart below), one droplet at a time, and count the drops while swirling the sample solution until the pink color is completely gone. Remember to hold the acid bottle vertically when adding drops to ensure consistent droplet size.


Parts Washer Detergent Testing


    Reading: Use the chart below to find the “titration number” for your particular Power Kleen chemical.  Divide your “drop count” by the titration number to calculate the oz/gal of concentration.





Chemical Type

Test Solution Amount  

Acid %  

Drop Count  

Titration Number

Power-Kleen I

12.5 ml




Power-Kleen I L

12.5 ml




Power-Kleen II

12.5 ml




Power-Kleen III L

12.5 ml




Power-Kleen V

50 ml





Pour test solution into Part Washer reservoir, wash Test Tube, and repeat to confirm results. Most Parts Washer Manufacturers recommends that the chemical concentration be maintained between 2 oz and 8 oz per gallon, depending on the cleaning required and parts washer specifications. If, for example, the test indicates 3 oz per gallon and the desired concentration is 6 oz, then sufficient amount of chemical to bring the parts washer solution to full strength or use our calculator at:

Chemical Concentration Calculator

Parts Washer Titration Kits
Titration Kit refills:

Chemical Type

Part Number

Power-Kleen I, I L, II, III L & V




Power Kleen Detergent Titration

Power Kleen Titration Instructions
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