MART Parts Washer Rebuild, Retrofits, Repairs and Overhaul for Used MART Cyclone, MART Tornado and MART Hurricane Washers

Used MART Parts Washers do not become obsolete. Many MART Parts Washers made since the early 70’s are still doing parts cleaning every day. MART Tech Services helps all MART users keep their parts cleaning machines operational by providing repair parts and retrofit or rebuild service.  We service all models of MART Part Washers including the MART Cyclone, MART Tornado and MART Hurricane.        

New design improvements by MART Tech Engineering can be added to your existing parts washer to improve its ability to clean parts. Retrofits to existing used MART or StingRay parts washers can make them effective in new cleaning applications. Many of the improvements can be added in your shop or at our StingRay rebuild factory.


REBUILD SERVICE: Many used MART Washers can be rebuilt to like new at less cost than a new washer.  The upgrades to a used MART Parts Washer can be completed by our service technicians in your shop or at the StingRay rebuild Factory for MART washers.

USED MART PARTS WASHER:  When you buy a used MART Parts Washer, MART Tech Services will help you get the most out of the equipment.  We can help you with installation, start-up and training.  We help you develop a list of needed improvements or changes and can guide you through the repair and replacement of any parts on the washer.  We provide assistance for set-up, start-up, training and advice on the best improvements available. We can supply new repair parts and in many cases recommend and supply upgraded parts that are improvements over the original parts on your washer. Our service data files contain information about the original specifications of your MART Washer, including electrical schematics and parts lists. Our data files also contain information about modifications made to your parts washer. All of our telephone support services are free, plus our user support website has a tremendous amount of technical data to help you get started. Call us for a free "Services By Others" document that details all of the necessary utility connections and services required to install your MART Washer.

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