MART Gas Burner Retrofit

MART Tech Services can replace your existing MART Power Washer gas burner, electric heat system or steam heat system with a new state-of-the-art gas burner.

 Eliminate the annoying gas burner combustion problems of your older MART burner. The new gas burner is not affected by seasonal changes and provides exceptional reliability and ease of maintenance. Most times your existing combustion heat exchanger can be used. Select your Power Washer size below for gas burner retrofit information.

Replacing your electric heated system save money. Gas usually costs substantial less per BTU for heating than electricity.

Machines using steam heat can be converted to use energy efficient gas heating system. This usually occurs when a used MART is moved to a new location or company that does not have steam heat available to run the steam heating system originally installed in the MART Parts Washer.

Choose the size MART for conversion to a Gas Heating System:

Cyclone 30 or Tornado 40

Tornado 52, Hurricane 52

Tornado 60, Hurricane 60

Tornado 72, Hurricane 72

Hurricane 84

Hurricane 100

Hurricane 120


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