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MART Tech Services can replace your existing electrical panel with a new state of the art electrical control panel.  The new electrical control panel provides reliability and ease of maintenance. 

Updating your washer electrical control panel will provide you with better reliability and more up time. It eliminates maintenance headaches and nuisance electrical problems.

The panel meets all the current requirements of ANSI/NFPA-79 Electrical Standards for Industrial Machinery.
The latest MART design logic and control for your washer features the following:

  • Dual Channel Programmable 7 day Clock: separate programs for the heating and skimming times. The clock also provides independent programming for every day of the week.

  • Power disconnect interlocked with electrical control enclosure door: Interlock safety device must be in "off" position to open Power Washer electrical panel door. This shuts down incoming power so the operator or maintenance person is not exposed to live electrical components or energized circuits.

  • Separate temperature compensated overload device for each motor load & separate fusing for every 3 phase motor: MART provides safeguards for all motors against overloads and short-circuits, which increases life of motors by preventing motors from burning. Temperature compensated overloads provide near constant trip currents regardless of the ambient temperature of the electrical control enclosure.

  • Complete Electrical Documentation: A specific custom electrical schematic and ladder diagram is provided with each new system. Also included is a complete Bill-of-Material for easy part identification and replacement. MART Tech Services maintains CAD data files of all new machine electrical systems should a new copy of the electrical schematic ever be required.

  • Panel labeling: All devices inside the electrical control enclosure are plainly labeled and identified.  The panel layout diagram provides a handy reference to the location and size of each item in the control panel.  Wiring is 14 gage (minimum)  THHN color coded and numbered throughout.

MART Power Washer Panel

  • Door Safety Interlock Circuit:  Checks the door limit switch for proper operation each time the Washer door is opened.  Locks out the next washer cycle in the event of a malfunction.

  • Grounding lug mounted in machine electrical control enclosure: MART provides an attachment point for proper safety grounding of the Power Washer. Each motor has a separate ground wire pulled through conduit and attached to the electrical enclosure back panel to ensure a positive earth ground without relying on the machine structure to supply the grounding path.

  • Transformer control power and Secondary Branch Circuits: Primary and secondary Electrical Square D Controlstermination points for transformer are properly fused. Secondary circuits are independently fuses and all single phase motors are overload protected with special Square-D motor protection devices.

  • All fusing rated at 200,000 amp interrupt capability: MART protects conductors and components in the event of short circuit to ground. NOTE: Other fuses may not provide sufficient interrupt capability. If a short circuit maximum current is greater than the fuse interrupt capacity, the fuse may blow protecting against fire but still damage the components downstream from the fuse, such as the motor starter or the motor.

  • Oil tight-type selector switches, indicating lights, &   push-buttons: Provides reliable operation under the harshest environment. All control station enclosures are dust tight, moisture tight, and oil tight, and all external wire runs are gasketed and sealed.

  • Mushroom Red Stop Button: Prominently located on front face of electrical panel to provide quick access for shutdown of machine.


For a detailed quotation please ask for our acrobat logoPLANNING WORKSHEET for a Machine Electrical Panel Retrofit.  The worksheet takes only a couple of minutes to complete and we will provide you a no obligation quotation. 


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