MART Parts Washer Rebuild, Retrofits, Repairs and Overhaul for Used MART Cyclone, MART Tornado and MART Hurricane Washers

Used MART Parts Washers do not become obsolete. Many MART Parts Washers made since the early 70’s are still doing parts cleaning every day. StingRay Tech Services helps all MART users keep their parts cleaning machines operational by providing repair parts and retrofit or rebuild service.  We service all models of MART Part Washers including the MART Cyclone, MART Tornado and MART Hurricane.        

New design improvements by StingRay Engineering can be added to your existing parts washer to improve its ability to clean parts. Retrofits to existing used MART Parts Washers can make them effective in new cleaning applications. Improvements are added in your shop or at the StingRay rebuild factory.


1971 - 1991

  • Sprocket Driven Turntable - Retrofit friction tire drive to positive gear driven Turntable with torque-limited Overload.

  • Stainless Steel Single Ball Solution Control - replace dual donut float water level control with Single ball large diameter float.

  • PBM Motor Mounting Bracket - upgraded bracket provides strength and long life.

1996 and Prior

  • Redesigned 20 - 70 hp Pump - improved bearing frame adds stiffness and extends bearing life, replaces all pumps prior to 1994. In 1996 the throttle bushing for the 3x2x10 pump was upgraded to harden steel bushing for longer life.

  • Stainless Steel Rinse System - Replace steel rinse manifold and heat exchanger with Stainless Steel rinse manifold and Stainless Steel heat exchanger.

  • Rinse Pump - Remove pumped rinse system and replace with large droplet line pressure rinse system for improved performance of your rinsing.

2000 and Prior

  • Turntable Bearings - added seals for improved performance over the original bearing.

  • Power Blast Manifold Swivel Joint - redesigned eliminates adjustment of jam nut and new Viton seals greatly increased seal life. Available in steel or stainless steel construction

  • Gas Burner Systems - upgrades or heat conversion are available using a dual stage valve 40 series burner for 180,000 BTU systems.

  • 7 Day Clock - dual channel 7 day digital clock is panel mounted to control heating and oil skimming operating times.

  • Retrofit electrical panels with the latest control logic that meet or exceed ANSI/NFPA 79 Codes
    Download the Electrical Panel Retrofit Planning Worksheet

Current and Prior

  • Pump Motor Soft Start - replaces the APE system and requirement for incoming compressed air. Decreases washer start-up noise and extends the life of the pump.

  • International Pump Motor VFD - replaces pump belt drive for direct drive with coupling to decrease maintenance. Simplifies installation and operation.

  • Power Blast Manifold Drive Linkage - upgraded manifold and motor crank arms are stainless steel with self-locking screw to prevent slippage and provide reliable operation. Crank arms are 4 times stronger than origin and guaranteed not to slip.

  • Heavy-Duty Duplex Pump - upgrade design handles twice the load at the lower single ball bearing. Larger shaft and bearing more than doubles the pump life.

  • Gas Burner Systems - 380,000 BTU and up, We offer the improved efficiency (Up 15% in most applications) and increased performance Smart Burners from StingRay.

  • 14" or 18" Oil Skimmer - Add or replace your current oil skimmer with a StingRay-designed Industrial strength Stainless Steel Disc oil skimmer with programmable operating timer. Totally enclosed motor and dual mounted ball bearings extend life far beyond the original skimmer. A Heated discharge chute option helps prevent grease clogging and improves oil skimming.

  • Oil Skimmer Covers - eliminates exposed moving parts for operator safety and improves oil skimming by heating the chute during operation.

  • Rust Prevention/Inhibitor Injector Pump System - meters rust prevention chemicals directly into the rinse system to prevent flash rusting and provide short-term corrosion inhibitor of freshly cleaned parts.

  • Temperature Control - new panel mounted temperature controller, elimates thermometer with easy to read dual display digital temperature controller. Adjust operating temperature and read current value right on the face of your electrical panel.

  • Chip/Debris Baskets - installed directly into your internal reservoir cover. Collects small parts, gaskets, paint and large soils before they enter wash tank for easy removal. Extends the life of your solution.

  • Magnetic Filtration - easily installs in your chip basket to capture steel dust and fines as your solution passes through the basket. Collects sub-micron steel particles and even removes stainless steel.

  • Dual Solution Filtration - retrofits on to your current pump system and provides filtration from 50 micron to 800 micron.

  • Pure Rinse System - improves not only your rinsing results but decreases the operating cost of your detergent and improves overall cleaning process by removing hard water minerals from incoming fresh water.

REBUILD SERVICE: Many used MART Washers can be rebuilt to like new at less cost than a new washer.  The upgrades are completed by our service technicians in your shop or at the StingRay rebuild Factory for MART washers.

USED MART PARTS WASHER:  When you buy a used MART Parts Washer, call StingRay Tech Services to help you get the most out of the equipment.  We offer advice for installation, start-up and training and operations.  We help you develop a list of needed improvements or changes and can guide you through the repair and replacement of new parts on your washer.  We provide assistance for set-up, start-up, training and advice on the best improvements available. We supply new repair parts and in many cases recommend upgrade parts that are improvements over the originals on your MART washer. The service data files we maintain contain information about the original specifications of your MART Washer, including electrical schematics, parts lists and drawings. Our data files also contain information about modifications made to your parts washer. All of our telephone support services are free, plus our user support website contains a tremendous amount of technical data to help you get started. Call us for a free "Services By Others" document that details all of the necessary utility connections and services required to install your MART Washer.

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