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NOZZLES: 316 Stainless Steel NPT threaded Precision MART Parts Washer Wash Nozzles -

Standard Wash Nozzle 8.0 GPM 25 Degree
Wash Nozzle 8.0 GPM 40 Degree
Wash Nozzle 8.0 GPM 15 Degree
Wash Nozzle 8.0 GPM 0 Degree
Standard Rinse Nozzle 0.5 GPM 45 Degree
OEM parts on MART Washer Parts Washer
Other sizes available - Please call for Part number


Lubriplate #1444 -
MART specified grease For all "Wetted" bearings inside the parts washer, highly resistant to wash out. Outperformed all other greases by a wide margin in testing performed by MART Engineers.  Don't risk ruining your bearings using an inferior grease.  Get the tested and approved OEM Lubriplate 1444.
Sold by the tube, a case is 10 tubes

Lubriplate 1444 Data sheet


Pump Suction Filter

The Power Washer pump Suction Filter Screen allows solution in to your pump, but stops large items that may damage your pump or clog the wash nozzles. We can provide you with a special size and material for your machine design. We stock the standard carbon steel 32x7x12 filter for MART Parts washers.


Rust Inhibitor                  5 gallon

Steel, Iron or yellow metal parts
Provides rust protection for
short-term storage of parts after cleaning

Injector Pump to Inject chemical into rinse water easily retro fits to any MART Parts Washer.



                Defoamant A 1 gallon
                Defoamant A 5 gallon
                Defoamant A 4 x 1 gallon case

Compatible with all Power Kleen detergents and cleaners.
Reduces foam in spray cabinet washers that produce excessive foam.


Rust Remover

Rust Buster               5 gallon

Strips rust from inside of parts washer cabinet to revive rusted and corroded surfaces.


Power Kleen I  Parts Washer Cleaner
                                    50 pound Pail
                                  400 pound Drum


Power Kleen lI  Parts Washer Cleaner
                                    50 pound Pail
                                  400 pound Drum


Power Kleen llIL  Parts Washer Cleaner
                                     5 gallon Pail
                                   55 gallon Drum


titration kit

Titration Kits
                                   Power Kleen I
                                   Power Kleen II
                                   Power Kleen IIIL

Control your chemical costs and Maintain your chemical concentration with our easy to use Titration kits.


pH test paper

pH Paper Test Kit 6.5 to 13 range

Excellent method to determine proper pH range of your chemical solution in all parts washer baths.  Solution pH should be above 10.5 in your parts washer to prevent corrosion.


suction filter brush 

Filter Brush
A must have item to clean the MART Washer suction filter on a daily basis


Solution Transfer Pump and Cart


       amp meter

Amp Probe and Voltage Meter

Ideal for MART Power Washer
Industrial strength Fluke meter

Amps Range: 0-400A; 50-60 Hz; AC Voltage Range: 0--600V Ohms Range: 0-400 Ohms; Continuity:



SAE Tool Kit

Tool Kit
SAE TOOL KIT  for MART Power Washer with case.  Includes US sized sockets, wrenches, Allen wrenches, pliers and screwdrivers for most maintenance and repairs. Recommended for all non-US washer installations.


safety equipment

MART Tech Services  recommended Safety Equipment for Parts Washer Operators

Keep your Parts Washer operators safe with the proper protective Full Face Shield, Thermally protected elbow length gauntlet style neoprene gloves and chemical/acid 45 mil PVC apron

Special Kit Price


Sludge and solution pump cart with hoses for all styles of Parts Washers

Ideal solution management and clean out sludge pump for your industrial parts washer. Air operated 2" flap valve diaphragm pump won't clog.  Heavy duty chemical rated quick latch hoses resist heat and chemical.FLAP valve diaphragm pumps are designed to pump sludge, mud, slurry, sewage and other thick liquids that have the ability to flow. Excellent suction and pumping ability for thick heavy slurries and is self priming. Includes 2 - 15' Cam lock hoses and cart with casters.

Additional Hoses 15' length with
cam lock fittings each end.



Belt Tension Checker

Belt Tensioner
Properly Adjust the tension on the MART Washer  50Hz belt drive Pumps with this easy to use device


Grease Gun

Grease Gun
MART Tech Recommended for parts washer pump and bearings with calibrated discharge rate per stroke
.  Pumps twice as much grease per stroke as a standard grease gun.


        MART Touch up paint

Touch-Up Paint MART Blue
12 oz spray can, fast dry

Keep your MART Power Washer looking great with this OEM paint color


Training Video - Basic Operator Training
for MART Power Washers

For less than half the price of a service call your operators can learn the proper methods for using and maintaining your MART Power Washer and you can use it over and over, again and again.

Check out the Video Sample





If you don't see what you need in this list, please call or email us.  We have everything you need for your MART Power Washer.

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