Parts Washer Installation

Nine Parts Washer Installation Pitfalls to AVOID identifies 9 common parts washer installation issues. Avoiding these problems helps to assure a parts washer installation that performs as expected.

Gas Pipe Sizing Guideline use this guide as a starting point for sizing the pipe on your StingRay parts washer gas burner installation. The final size should take into account the pressure in the pipe, the length of run and the number of elbows. When in doubt consult a gas combustion professional.
Air Line Pipe Sizing Chart provides a sizing guide for the air supply line to the APE (Automatic Pressure Equalization) system on your Stingray or MART parts washer. Incorrect sizing of the supply line is a common installation issue.

Steam Exhaust Installation Guide is useful for determining the type of materials required, where to located the ASE (Automatic Steam Exhaust) and proper installation of the blower on your new parts washer.

Note: USA PVC Pipe Sch 40 equivalent sizes: OD= Outer Diameter
  8 inch Sch 40 OD=  8.625 in (219mm), Wall= .322 inch (8.18mm)
10 inch Sch 40 OD= 10.75 in (273mm), Wall= .365 in (9.27mm)
12 inch Sch 40 OD= 12.75 in (324 mm), Wall= .375 in (9.53mm)


StingRay Tech Services START-UP
The Field Startup Procedure can be conducted on-site by a factory trained and authorized StingRay Service Technician.  Performance of the start-up occurs after the Parts Washer is anchored in place and all utilities are connected. Call Tech Services to schedule your start-up. Please schedule your start-up at least 2 weeks in advance. Complete and return the PRE START-UP Check list. before the technician arrives.

StingRay Parts Washer STARTUP Procedure

MART Washer STARTUP Procedure

TRAINING:t DVD training Video

Tech Service Call Support:


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