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Visit our SUPPORT section for Exploded view drawings with detailed Turntable & Bearing Parts Lists  for all standard size MART Parts Washers.



MART Part Number



Upper Turntable Flange Bearing for MART Parts Washer

Call or  see SUPPORT

Lower Turntable Flange Bearing Assembly

Call or  see SUPPORT

Secondary Seal For MART Turntable Bearing


Call or  see SUPPORT

New Style MART Turntable Bearing Hub
Reduce lubrication to once every 6 months.

MART Cyclone 30 & 30HP

MART Tornado 40 & 40HP



MART Power Washer Turntable Drive Plastic Sprocket 

Turntable Drive Sprocket for MART Parts Washer OEM

Chemical resistant Thermoplastic sprocket

1991 to present


Turntable Hard Tire and Mandrel

Hard Tire and Mandrel MART only

Turntable drive on pre 1992 MART
Permanently lubricated original equipment

OEM replacement part for MART washer


Turntable Pneumatic Tire Drive

Pneumatic Turntable Drive Tire

Turntable drive tire on Pre 1990 Machines

OEM replacement part for MART washer Only


Torque Limter Torque Limiter for Turntable Drive

Slip clutch protects turntable gear drive motor from damage if the turntable should get jammed.  Used on turntable drive systems of MART Washers since 1992.
OEM replacement part for MART washer


Plastic Sprocket Drive Turntable Drive Gearmotor 

1992-Present MART Turntable Sprocket Drive Gear motor Upgrades 1992 thru 1996 Gear motors with all steel gearing and higher 900 in-lb torque rating instead of 600 in-lb.

Standard 1/4 Horsepower drive.

Other sizes and types available.  Please call.



Pneumatic and Hard Tire Dirve Turntable Gearmotor

1987-1992 MART Turntable Hard Tire Drive Gear motor

Standard 1/12 Horsepower drive.






If you don't see what you need in this list, please call or email us.  We have everything you need for your MART Power Washer.

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