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12 Inch MART Oil Skimmer assembly

18 Inch MART Oil Skimmer assembly

OEM MART replacement oil skimmer to remove floating oils. Stainless Steel disk and stainless steel wiper blades with totally enclosed gear motor for long life in a hot and steamy environment. Heated and non-heated versions available.


Stainless Steel Oil Skimmer Blades 

12 Inch MART Oil Skimmer Blades

18 Inch MART Oil Skimmer Blades

All OEM MART replacement parts for skimmers available: motors, disks, bearings and shafts.  Please call and specify your skimmer type.



belt oil skimmer 

4 Inch Belt
Oil Skimmer

Dependable effective means of removing oil from water. Stainless Steel belt picks up oil from water surface. Wiper blade removes oil to discharge hose. 120VAC cord with plug for easy attachment to any parts washer with access to the solution. Up to 12 gallons of oil per hour removed.



12" Skimmer Motor Pre 1997 style MART
5/16 shaft
. MART washer only.

Open Frame 120VAC, 7 RPM

Discontinued: Change output shaft coupling to 1/2" and use 28330 motor.


18" Skimmer Motor Pre 1997 Style MART

Open Frame 120VAC, 4 RPM

MART washer only



7 Day Timer

7 Day Heavy-Duty Grounded Digital Timer
Controls RetroFit Oil Skimmer
Up to 14 ON / 14 OFF programming per day
98 ON / 98 OFF programming per week.
3-prong grounded plug and receptacle.
Easy-to-set programming with battery backup.
Manual override feature
Ratings: 15 Amp (1800 watts) Resistive and Inductive, 500 Watts Tungsten, 1/3 H.P. 120 V.A.C.


Skimmer_Wheel Disk type Oil Skimmer Wheel -Stainless Steel

Replaces existing stainless wheels or use to retrofit older style plastic skimmer wheels that can warp. Heat & chemical resistant 304 Stainless Steel. Specify 12 or 18 inch size.

12" Skimmer Wheel for disk type oil skimmer
18" Skimmer Wheel for disc type oil skimmer




If you don't see what you need in this list, please call or email us.  We have everything you need for your MART Power Washer.

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