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Thermoplastic Water Filter For The Fill Assembly, OEM replacement part for MART Parts Washer



Brass water filter and plug for water inlet and water fill.
MART OEM recommended to increase the life and reliability of the solenoid valves.  Sediment and minerals in the water supply lines can clog the pilot-operated solenoid valves and cause them to leak.



Pump Suction Filter The Power Washer pump Suction Filter Screen allows solution in to your pump, but stops large items that may damage your pump or clog the wash nozzles. We can provide you with a special size and material for your machine design. We stock the standard carbon steel 32x7x12 filter. 61001

Door Latch
Original equipment MART Power Washer Heavy Duty Door latch. Adjustable toggle action.


MART Door Position Lock Replacement Shaft

NEW Stainless Steel Door Position Lock Replacement Shaft
Designed for easy installation with basic hand tools and no welding required. The new operator handle simply threads on to the stainless shaft which also offers you long life and corrosion resistance.

Donut style float

Used for water level management on pre 1992 MART washers


Float System Cam

Water level management system on single ball large diameter float, 1992 and newer MART wash machines.

Other parts for single ball float system in stock. Call for part numbers


Eductor Nozzle
3/8" NPT
3/4" NPT
1-1/2" NPT

Comes in various sizes.  Used for Automatic Pressure Equalization (APE) system and for Clean Machine.
OEM replacement part for MART parts washer.


Float Ball MART Washer

Single Ball Float & Rod

5" Diameter Stainless Steel ball float and rod assembly.   Used for solution level control system on MART Washers since 1992.
OEM replacement part for MART Parts Washer


rust inhibitor injector pump


If you don't see what you need in this list, please call or email us.  We have everything you need for your MART Power Washer.

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