Nine Common Installation Pitfalls to Avoid
MART Parts Washer - Installation

  1. Position machine for installation, service & use
  2. Level the machine properly
  3. Install steam exhaust correctly
  4. Provide adequate electrical service
  5. Get chemical before adding water
  6. Titrate the chemical concentration
  7. Test water level control
  8. Pump forward not backward
  9. Provide enough fuel for the Gas Burner
MART Washer

Location, Location, Location:
There are other considerations for the Parts Washer location besides just using it.  A good location choice considers the powered steam exhaust that must exit outside of the plant and the utility connections of water, power and possibly compressed air.  Additional consideration should be given for future service.  I.E. Is the pump accessible for removal; is there space to service the heating elements or gas burner? Is there space to open the door fully to the service position for clean out and recharge of the detergent cleaning solution? Finally, don’t run Utilities over the pump making it difficult to remove.

Do Not USE

Our Field Service Techs find about 30% of machines in the field improperly leveled. The proper method to level the machine is to use only the door as your tool to adjust the machine leveling bolts. When properly leveled, the door will stand still at any open position and neither tries to swing open or closed. Follow this leveling procedure: Open the door a few inches and raise or lower the front or back leveling bolts to a spot where the door is stationary.  Adjust the bolts in pairs (either up in front or back).  Next open the door 90 degrees and repeat the process by adjusting pairs of bolts on the left and right of the machine.  You may have to repeat this process a number of times until the door stays still at each position.  Test your results by positioning the door 45 degrees open and make sure it stands still.  Leveling the machine in this way assures that even heavy loads on the turntable can be easily moved in and out of the washer by hand.

Steam Exhaust:
Install the Steam Exhaust Venturi and blower assembly away from the machine.  Do NOT install it directly on top of the machine. See our Service Bulletin for more information.

Electrical Service:
The MART Power Washers use electrical power to do the cleaning work.  Make sure that your electrical installation includes plenty of current carrying capacity.  Proper wire sizes to carry the load and an electrical disconnect within close proximity to the machine are essential.  Have a professional licensed electrician do the work. The machine uses water and electricity – Ground it for safety. 

Detergent and Chemical:
Don’t add water until the proper chemical is available.  The alkalinity of the cleaning chemical protects the inside of the machine from rusting.  Leaving water in the machine, even overnight, without the protection of the chemical can rust the machine. MART Power Kleen chemicals provide excellent corrosion protection.

Add the correct amount of chemical to your initial water fill.  Our SUPPORT Website at has a chemical concentration calculator to determine the proper preliminary chemical charge.   The initial chemical charge in the washer must be to MEASURED to determine if additional amounts are needed to compensate for local water conditions.   Measure the concentration with the Chemical Titration Kit.

Power Kleen

Water Level Control:
Make sure the float rod and float ball move freely up and down in the solution level control box.  A common error is failure to remove the shipping tag and the rubber grommet prior to use. Pushing down on the rod turns on the water fill.  Pulling up on the rod shuts off the incoming water.  The rod must move freely up and down without binding to prevent solution overflow and spill.  Be sure your water supply line is large enough. If you have low water pressure a larger supply line will be required.

Pump Rotation Direction:
Verify the proper rotation direction of the wash pump.  The phasing of the power to the machine determines the rotation direction of the pump. Make sure the pump is turning in the direction of the arrow on the motor. To do this start a wash cycle and then shut it off while watching the pump shaft as it slows to a stop.  Running the pump backwards will greatly reduce your cleaning results and over time, damage the pump. Reverse any two of the three incoming power lines to change the pump rotation direction.

Gas Burner

Gas Burners:
If you have a gas burner double check the size of the gas pipe required to supply the burner before installing the supply pipe. Don’t assume that the size of the connection on the burner is the proper size of the supply line required.  It is a costly and common mistake to use too small of a supply line.  There are charts in the burner manual to select the correct size based on your run length.  If in doubt ASK us.  When you are ready to start the gas burner it is MANDATORY to have a trained BOILER technician on site with the proper training and tools to set-up the burner. A gas combustion analyzer is required.


Best Regards,

Patrick Lahey,
Technical Service Manager