Chemical Concentration Calculator for Parts Washer Detergent

Maintaining a consistent concentration of chemical in your parts washing machine provides consistent cleaning. The online MART Tech Chemical Concentration Calculator is an online tool for easily determining the proper amount of detergent to add.  It is two different calculators in one.  The first makes it easy to figure out how much detergent you need to add to a new bath. The second computes the amount of detergent you need to add to an existing bath for refreshing.  This is particularly useful after titrating has determined the concentration is below what you want and you need to know how much chemical to add to reach your desired concentration.

Detergent Concentration Calculator

The online calculator only requires two data inputs.  They are the volume in gallons of your parts washer reservoir and your desired concentration in ounces per gallon.  May times people confuse concentration of a chemical solution in ounces per gallon with the concentration as a percentage.  The two are different.  MART Tech always refers to concentration as ounces of chemical per gallon of solution.  This eliminates the problem of converting a powdered chemical that is measured in pounds to a specific volume quantity. 

How to Use the Calculator:

Go to the chemical calculator link at

Click in the first blue box to enter your washer reservoir volume in gallons.  If you do not know your MART Washer volume you may use the chart at the bottom of the calculator to estimate it.  All newer MART machines have a name plate on the electrical panel that specifies the washing machines reservoir volume. 

Next enter your desired detergent concentration in the next blue box.  There is already a default value of 7 ounces per gallon.  You may keep this number or change it.  The calculator automatically updates when you click out of the box or you may click the update button at the top of the page.

The amount of power or liquid chemical you need to add for the desired concentration is display in the yellow boxes to the right of the entries you made.  As a reference the concentration in percent is also displayed in the white boxes. Note that while the concentration in oz/gal is the same for both power and liquid the concentration in percentage is different for each.  This is the main reason we use oz/gal for concentration.

The second calculator is for determining the amount of chemical to add to adjust your bath from one concentration level to another.   Enter your titrated concentration in the top blue box and your desired concentration in the next blue box below. The amount of chemical to add to adjust your concentration is shown in the yellow boxes.


Example: Tornado 60 with a duplex pump – using the chart we find the reservoir volume is 397 gallons.  Enter 397 in the blue box and you find that 173.7 pounds of powder or 21.7 gallons of liquid is required to be added for a new bath at a concentration of 7 oz/gal. If you change the concentration to 5 oz/gal the new detergent amounts are 124.1 lbs or 15.5 gallons.

Now let’s suppose you have found through experience that 5 oz/gal provides the level of cleaning you need and you have just completed titrating your wash solution and found it has only 3 oz/gal.  In the middle blue box enter the current concentration of 3 oz/gal and the desired of 5 oz/gal.  The result is to add 49.6 pounds of powder or 6.2 gallons of liquid.  (Note: Always set the upper blue Concentration box to your Desired concentration amount)

That’s all there is to it!


Best Regards,

Patrick Lahey,
Technical Service Manager